Game Schedule - October, 2021  

 Time  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday  Sunday

10:00 AM


Easybridge starting



10:15 AM

10:30 AM









OPEN and 0-200  OK COLL


 11:30 AM

Lesson  at Noon OPEN
   Pre Dealt Boards
Extra Points 


Pre Dealt Boards


12:30 PM


1:00 PM


Easybridge starting 


 2:30 PM    0-500


6:30 PM

0-1000    0-750

6:45 PM


Face to face games shown in black or white;  Oklahoma Collective Games shown in red; virtual club games on BBO (VACB272740)

Game Schedule Notes for October

      • Fri, 22-Oct:  Club Championship

      • Sat. 23-Oct:  Easybridge! Workshop on Take Out Doubles in the morning and Lesson #3 in the afternoon

      • Sun, 24-Oct:  Club Championship

      • Mon, 25-Oct:  both games are Club Championships

      • Tues, 26-Oct:  Club Championship

      • Wed, 27-Oct:  Club Championship

      • Thur, 28-Oct:  Club Championship

      • Fri, 29-Oct:  Club Championship

      • Sat, 30-Oct:  Easybridge! Workshop on Opener's Rebid in the morning and Lesson #4 in the afternoon

      • Sat, 30-Oct:  no  Oklahoma Collective Games (F&G is hosting their New Ranker party)

      • Sun, 31-Oct:  Club Championship

Route 66 Bridge Club Game Schedule Sep2021 REVISED 10Sep2021 with club closure.pdf

9-Jun-2021 Message from Phil Wilner         
Reopening of 
Route 66 Bridge Club

Updated as of  27-Jun-2021

We reopened for face to face play on Sunday, 20-Jun-2021

Our game schedule is a mix of face to face and virtual club games through the Oklahoma Collective.  All players are encouraged to provide feedback and comments.   A printable copy of the Jul-2021 schedule is contained in a link above.

Request for Volunteers

We are also looking to significantly expand the size of our Board prior to elections later this year.  It takes a lot of volunteers to keep our club going.  We are looking to both add new members and to replace Board members who will be rotating off by year end.  There will be an overlap between new and exiting Board members.  We hope you will consider using your skill sets to advance duplicate bridge in Tulsa.  Please reach out to me to let me know of your interest.  

As always, please let me know of your questions, comments, or concerns.  I am looking forward to seeing you again at the table!

Phil Wilner, 918-346-3125

Easybridge! Session. After a mini lesson, the students are playing in an ACBL sanctioned 0 to 20 game.
Another Easybridge! photo from a 0 to 20 game.
Easybridge players practicing hands which illustrate the day's lesson.
From Grand Opening Celebration 7-Feb-2020.
From Grand Opening Celebration 7-Feb-2020.
From 7-Feb-2020 Grand Opening Celebration.
Route 66 Bridge Club President, Phil Wilner
The Club Bulletin Board is updated weekly with our calendar, news, minutes of Board meetings, etc.
An Open Game in session.
Near the end of a round in an Open Game.

Covid Protocols

1.       Proof of vaccination is required . 
    2.       Players who are not feeling well (e.g. cold, flu, running a temperature, etc) are asked to stay home and play in one of our virtual club games instead
      3.       Players are asked to observe good hygiene.  This includes:
        a.       Washing hands at the start of the game and after using the washrooms
          b.       Using hand sanitizer
            c.       Coughing into one’s elbow and not one’s hands
              4.       Food and drink are allowed assuming players clean up after themselves; this includes all trash in bins and debris removed from playing area
                5.      Face coverings are optional

                Member Spotlight

                Updated 15-Sep-2021

                New ACBL Milestones

                Jerry Heimlich, Club Master

                Roy Hiskett, Sectional Master

                Susan Jeffrey, Regional Master

                Gayle Long, Regional Master

                Barbara Gardner, Advanced NABC Master

                Mary Heinking, Advanced NABC Master

                Robert Hauger, Silver Life Master

                Barbara Whittlesey, Diamond Life Master

                New/Relocated ACBL Members

                Barbara Delozier (relocated from Houston unit)

                Jeannie McDaniel

                Larry Patrick (relocated from Denver unit)

                Kathy Stauffer 

                Easybridge Schedule

                EASYBRIDGE! Starting in October

                Advanced Beginners/Those Who Completed First Six Weeks of Easybridge! in 2020:

                Sat, 2-Oct at 10 am:  Review Workshop (FREE)

                Sat, 9-Oct at 10 am:   Review Workshop ($8 or one prepaid ticket)

                Sat, 16-Oct at 10 am:  Easybridge! Lesson #8 ($8 or one prepaid ticket)

                Beginners (Zero to a Little Knowledge)

                Sat, 9-Oct at 1 pm:  Easybridge! Lesson #1 

                Every Saturday at 1 pm thereafter.  FREE until Lesson #5.  

                More Educational Information

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