11-Apr-2021 Message from Phil Wilner          Reopening of Route 66 Bridge Club

The Route 66 Board of Directors met on Monday, 5-Apr-2021, along with Ray Zekauskas (chair of our reopening committee), Henry Robin (Unit 158 President) and Jack Lindley (who has graciously agreed to oversee repairs from our Feb-2021 sprinkler pipe leak).  

Our tentative date to reopen is 1-Jul-2021.  Timing is dependent upon completion of needed repairs to the club (estimates are being generated for insurance company approval; this is the critical path before work can start).  The Board unanimously agreed:

  • All players must be vaccinated
  • Proof of vaccination must be presented before playing (one time; we will create a list)
  • Face coverings will be optional
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at every table; players will be asked to use after every round
  • Players will be reminded to practice good hygiene (e.g. hand washing, cleaning up after themselves, etc.)
  • Players may bring their own food and drinks; it will be up to each individual to decide whether or not to share or partake in same
  • The club will undergo a thorough deep clean before reopening
  • We will be maintaining our current twice weekly cleaning schedule

While still waiting on details from the ACBL, we believe it likely that our club will have a "hybrid" model of games in 3Q and 4Q 2021.  This means we will hold both face to face games and online games at different times, continuing to participate as part of the Oklahoma Collective.  For example, on the same day, we might have a face to face game in the morning and an online game in the afternoon.  While we have renewed our sanctions for 2021, the start time for our face to face games has not yet been determined.  

Easybridge! will resume after Labor Day; notionally we are looking to start two sets of  classes (i.e. both Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon).  Depending upon interest, we may also hold some Easybridge! workshops (which can be taken independently of one another) in July and August.  

We hope you are as excited as we are about resuming bridge at the club.   

We are also looking to significantly expand the size of our Board prior to elections later this year.  It takes a lot of volunteers to keep our club going.  We are looking to both add new members and to replace Board members who will be rotating off by year end.  There will be an overlap between new and exiting Board members.  We hope you will consider using your skill sets to advance duplicate bridge in Tulsa.  Please reach out to me to let me know of your interest.  

As always, please let me know of your questions, comments, or concerns.  

Phil Wilner

pwilner@friscoenergy.com, 918-346-3125



All of our games for the current month are shown in calendar (tabular) format on the Calendar page of this website.   

To find our game:

Go to BBO (www.bridgebase.com, you will need to have version 3 to play)

Go to Featured Area (green bar)

Click on Virtual Clubs

Click on ACBL North America

2 hours prior to the start of game time  you will find our game, scrolling down as required to find it .  The ACBL has called us the "OKLAHOMA COLLECTIVE".   Any point restriction will be noted in the title.  

You will get a screen where you register to play.  You will need to enter your partner's name.   At this point you will need at least $5 in your BBO Account.   The regular games cost $5 per player while special games featuring extra points cost $8 per player.  

The BBO software stratifies all games proportionally based on the players in each specific game.    

The game results are posted on ACBL Live.  We are trying to post all of the game results under Fun and Games although we have used both club's sanction numbers in the past. 

Easybridge! Session. After a mini lesson, the students are playing in an ACBL sanctioned 0 to 20 game.
Another Easybridge! photo from a 0 to 20 game.
Easybridge players practicing hands which illustrate the day's lesson.
From Grand Opening Celebration 7-Feb-2020.
From Grand Opening Celebration 7-Feb-2020.
From 7-Feb-2020 Grand Opening Celebration.
Route 66 Bridge Club President, Phil Wilner
The Club Bulletin Board is updated weekly with our calendar, news, minutes of Board meetings, etc.
An Open Game in session.
Near the end of a round in an Open Game.

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