Saturday afternoons, 2 pm:  We plan to begin a whole new set of Easybridge! classes starting with lesson #1 (Opening Bids:  Does Your Partner Have a Sense of Humor?) on Saturday, 5-Feb-2022.    The first four classes will be FREE.   Starting with Lesson #5 the cost will be $8 per person or one prepaid ticket.  


Intermediate Lessons

Intermediate lessons are offered every Monday at 11:30 am immediately preceding the afternoon game.  The lessons are taught by Ruby Life Master Barbara Holloway. 

$5 per class

Advanced Lessons

To be set up later.  

Resources for New Players

Audrey Grant

We suggest that you begin with Audrey Grant.  Her books are the "gold standard" for beginning players.  They are incredibly clear, well written, and with subsequent material building upon concepts which are presented in earlier chapters and books.  She has a really nice, structured approach.  There is no humor but the clarity and organization and easy to read format more than compensate.  Each book contains 5 chapters and has an identical format.   The first four chapters cover specific topics; the fifth chapter contains 16 practice deals which further expand upon the concepts presented in the first four chapters.  Each of the first four chapters contains very easy to follow descriptions filled with explanatory examples plus a chapter summary to recap the main points, quizzes to test your knowledge (the answers are annotated so you understand why one specific answer is better than another), and 4 practice deals which illustrate bidding, declarer play and defense.  While the books are focused on bidding,  Audrey  puts the bidding in context via real hands with commentary on the best line of play and best defense in the practice deals.  The books are based on standard American bidding; there is a more advanced book she co authored with Eric Rodwell on 2/1 bidding. There is an accompanying pamphlet, “Bridge at a Glance” which shows bids and rebids.   It is essentially a color coded summary, with 2 pages for each major topic (e.g. opening the bidding, responding to 1 of a minor, responding to 1 of a major, responding to NT, weak 2s, etc) graphically showing bids, requirements in terms of point count and suit length, and whether the bid is forcing, invitational, or signoff.    For example, in response to an opening bid of 1H, responder will pass with 0 to 5 points (shown in red as sign off), bid 1S holding 4+ spades with 6+ points (shown in green as forcing for one round), bid 2H invitational (shown in yellow) holding 3+ hearts and 6 to 10 points, etc. 

Audrey Grant currently has 5 beginner books in print:

·         Bridge Basics 1:  An Introduction (a nice, easy intro to the basics as well as opening bids in NT, major and minor suits)

·         Bridge Basics 2:  Competitive Bidding (preempts, overcalls and advances, take out doubles, the competitive auction); this material may be more challenging for those who first learned via party bridge

·         Bridge Basics 3:  Conventions (Stayman, Jacoby transfers, strong 2 bids, Blackwood/Gerber, i.e. the basic beginner conventions)

·         Improving Your Judgement 1:  Opening the Bidding (opening at the 1 level in 1st and 2nd position, opening at the 1 level in 3rd and 4th position, obstructive opening bids, strong opening bids).  This material may be quite new even for experienced party bridge players who might not have previously considered seat position before bidding.   

·         Improving Your Judgement 2:  Doubles (take out doubles, advancing the take out double, rebid and the subsequent auction, balancing and other doubles).  

 Computer Programs

·         Declarer Play at Bridge:  A Quizbook by Barbara Seagram and David Bird.  There are 40 problems (hands) on suit play and 20 problems on no trump play.  These are really nice basic practice hands which do a great job of illustrating fundamental concepts.  The material is very straightforward beginner declarer play. 

·         Defensive Play at Bridge:  A Quizbook by Barbara Seagram and David Bird.   The companion volume focused on defense against both NT and suit contracts.  This teaches which card to play, opening leads, and basic defensive signals.  

·         Bridge Master 2000 (the Audrey Grant edition; beware as there is another CD with seemingly the same title but with totally different hands which are more of a mix of beginner and intermediate hands).  Bridge Master 2000 is a CD which contains practice hands on which you can try various lines of play as declarer.  The Audrey Grant edition contains (152) Level 1 (beginner) hands, and (6) hands each in Levels 2, 3, 4, and 5 (advanced beginner/intermediate levels).   In each hand, you decide which cards to play from declarer and dummy.  After the play is over there is an explanation as to the correct line of play.  One of my favorite aspects of the program is that incorrect lines of play are also demonstrated along with the consequences.   You can play and replay the hands as many time as you want.  

Recommended for Younger Beginners

This recommendation comes courtesy of LouAnne Taylor, youth librarian and educator.  She is currently using it to teach 10-14 year olds.  

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