Bathroom Renovation Approved by the Board

24 Jan 2020 9:01 AM | Scott Money (Administrator)

On 20-Jan-2020, the Board of Directors approved $13,000 to renovate both bathrooms.  The scope will include:

  • New ADA toilets
  • New stall partitions
  • New recessed lighting
  • New double sinks with shelves (2 sinks per bathroom)
  • New flooring (already paid for by Frank Seres)
  • Replacement of drywall around urinal
  • Automatic soap and towel dispensers
  • Misc (fresh paint, new door hardware, new mirrors, etc.)

This budget was based on significant research and work done by Jack Lindley and Cindy  Wilcox who presented this scope to the Board.  After the meeting, Jack ordered the stall dividers which are the critical path for the renovation.  We are hoping to begin work by the end of February and have two totally beautiful new bathrooms by the end of March.   Jack and Cindy are going to try and schedule the trades so that we cancel as few games as possible.

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