Route 66 Policy on Scoring Corrections

5 Feb 2020 11:36 AM | Mary Heinking (Administrator)

Our scoring correction policy is posted on the Club Bulletin Board. 

Our hope is that all players are carefully entering and approving all scores while the game in underway.  Our Bridge Mates also allow any team to confirm their scores by board at the completion of the game.  We would like to encourage our members to perform these checks before leaving the club.  It is easier for all concerned if corrections can be made in real time.   But we understand that we are all human and that mistakes can be made.  

ALL scoring corrections must be reported within 24 hours after the completion of a game.  They must be reported within 2 hours of the completion of any special game (e.g. ACBL wide Junior Fund Game) to make sure we meet all ACBL posting requirements.   All scoring corrections must be in the system before the games can be uploaded and our players' masterpoints submitted to the ACBL at the end of each calendar month.   The Board and your Game Directors are  working hard to make that happen.        

Any member who thinks a scoring correction is required must contact the Game Director who directed that specific game OR send an email to our Club email address ( within the 24 hour time limit.   The Webmaster will forward your request to the specific Game Director for action.   Please remember that your opponents will have to sign off on all scoring corrections.

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