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10 photo(s) Updated on: 17 Mar 2020
  • Easybridge! Session. After a mini lesson, the students are playing in an ACBL sanctioned 0 to 20 game.
  • Another Easybridge! photo from a 0 to 20 game.
  • Easybridge players practicing hands which illustrate the day's lesson.
  • From Grand Opening Celebration 7-Feb-2020.
  • From Grand Opening Celebration 7-Feb-2020.
  • From 7-Feb-2020 Grand Opening Celebration.
  • Route 66 Bridge Club President, Phil Wilner
  • The Club Bulletin Board is updated weekly with our calendar, news, minutes of Board meetings, etc.
  • An Open Game in session.
  • Near the end of a round in an Open Game.

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